Sarah Jayne Fell

A love for creative content, great writing and useful tech has moulded Sarah Jayne Fell’s career into an exploration of how digital media can drive communication and creative expression between individuals, brands and publishers.

After completing a degree in Media and Communication, Philosophy and English at UKZN in Durban, followed by an honours degree in literature and creative writing, she moved to Cape Town in 2008 to pursue a creative career. Passionate about the arts, with the organisational skills of an accountant and a problem solver at heart, she quickly grew into strategic management roles within the creative industries while always incorporating writing and content production into her portfolio.

Sarah cut her teeth in publishing, as editor of independent pop culture magazine One Small Seed as it segued from print into a multimedia company that included online TV, digital magazines and its own creative social network. From there, a stint at a digital media agency creating content for large corporate clients like Shell and General Motors saw her fully embracing the digital landscape and what it meant for brands. From 2012 to 2015 she headed up the digital team at Design Indaba, working on redesigning and repositioning its primary online platform,, and developing a host of others. At this stimulating, forward-thinking creative institution she gained invaluable experience in digital product management, content strategy, online marketing and web technology.

At the same time, she learnt to design and develop in WordPress and took various courses in web languages and UX.

Increasingly interested in content marketing, it became time to combine all these skills in a new dynamic and collaborative environment. One Day Company is that place, and with a growing portfolio of diverse clients, exciting projects and a network of brilliant freelancers, she’s hoping this bio can be left in peace for the foreseeable future.

And in case you thought she was all work and no fun, when Sarah is not preoccupied in the land of digital you might find her in a painting studio, doing a yoga headstand or debating the virtues of a good Shiraz or Viognier, depending on the time of year.

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