• Brand development
  • Web design (in progress)

Launch Website

The Brief

A new furniture design studio by Travis Aherin, whose surname is a derivative of the Irish word for heron. Using the surname as the brand name ‘Aherin’.

Our solution

Using the heron emblem as the basis for a logo, placed inside a circle to give the sense of a vintage metal branding iron. The feathers inside the circle also infer the symbol of a sunburst, presenting the heron in flight against a backdrop of the sun.

The logo was created as a line-based vector to mirror the style and thickness of a custom-made font with a low crossbar to give a subtle Art Deco feel. The sun and bird are also both symbols associated with Art Deco, a period in which design and the decorative arts emerged as a major style that influenced furniture design and architecture.

A basic landing page has been created to develop portfolio work as the business grows, using as the domain name, being both unusual and thus distinctive as well as practical because it is descriptive of the business without need for further suffix.

The social media pages are being developed to show finished pieces as well as work in progress and the designer’s process through photography, text and video.



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