The Brief

Royale Afrique du Sud is the foremost producer of natural and vegan pomegranate seed oils for use in skin and beauty treatments. It’s also the culmination of Izette Dreyer’s dreams, determination and divine calling to create an authentic, natural product that heals, enhances and uplifts, and is produced in South Africa. RoyaleSA approached us to assist them with a complete makeover – from sharpening the visual identity to clarifying the tone of voice, redesigning their website, and creating content that demonstrates the wonder of the product, the process and the passion that drives the work of the brand.

Our solution

Simplicity is at the heart of what RoyaleSA does. They focus on a variants of a single raw product, the product is simple and easy to use, and they wanted the entire brand experience to reflect this ethos – but with flair. While the crux of the brief was to redesign the website, we advised that a website is the culmination of a well refined identity. So rather than start with the website makeover, we started with in-depth brand strategy work, including an interactive workshop session with Izette, which laid the foundation for a comprehensive brand positioning document outlining both the strategic and tactical direction for the brand.

We supplemented the brand’s existing image library with a photo shoot that focussed on both in-situ product shots and lifestyle images that capture the essence of the product and the brand experience.

The redesign of the website aimed at two things: To showcase the product in its glorious simplicity and to share the stories that define the product, the process and the people. The former was done by highlighting various features of the product – such as the uses and ingredients – in a simple but beautiful way. For the latter we created a blog and whimsically called it Field Notes. The blog is where we share informative, engaging and memorable stories not just about the brand, but about its community, about beautiful women, about all kinds of beauty, because RoyaleSA might sell beauty products but for this brand beauty is not an isolated state but a way of choosing to see and be in the world.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is a pioneer in its category. It’s natural, vegan, ethically produced and has countless health and beauty benefits. Content is used creatively and strategically to share the good word about this wondrous product. Our content strategy for RoyaleSA takes a holistic approach, which includes PR, inbound marketing, social media and events.





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