The written word has long formed the basis of great storytelling, and carefully crafted copy can transform any communication from mediocre to extraordinary.

In a world where we see thousands of words every day, making sure your brand’s messaging is consistent and fit-to-purpose is essential.

Effective copywriting ensures your brand sounds as good as it looks. This not only means the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed but that your text is infused with flair and speaks to people in an engaging and human way.

We believe that good, clean copy is one of the building blocks of effective communication. To ensure your copy is perfectly aligned with your brand positioning, all writing starts with creating a style guide. This set of brand-relevant language and style guidelines work to ensure a brand’s messaging is always appropriate.

A style guide includes recommendations on tone, style, punctuation, grammar, content styles, word choices and general best practices – customised to the specific needs of your brand. This will enable any future writers for your brand to keep your communication consistent and suitable.

With 20 years’ collective experience in publishing and copywriting for major publications and brands, we ensure your story is written in a way that represents you best. Our service offering includes both copywriting and editing or proofreading. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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Read more in the Content Lab about copywriting – a new online publication

We always love a side project – and lockdown in South Africa has been the best time for embracing digital tools and investing in online platforms. For many businesses it’s been an accelerator – for better or for worse – and one notable outcome in our industry has been the very sad closure of a number of print publications. But it’s also made room for a new brand of online magazine. One that favours quality content over quantity, in-depth reads over clickbait and fake news, and which retains the keen art direction and aesthetic of the glossy magazines we’ve recently said goodbye to.

Enter, a “new online source that heroes informed aesthetics, opinions and insights,” and which showcases both South African and international design and culture, including art, music, food and wine.

What’s in a brand story?

Why Story?

Storytelling has been a buzzword in the creative industries, in particular advertising and marketing, for some time now. What started as ancient conversations around a campfire turned into bedtime stories in bunk beds, the novel, the film. Soon advertising caught on. All the best TV ads of our generation told a good story. (Think of that VW ad set to the lyrics, “I remember the days of my life…”)

Now we talk about brand story, and for those not in the industry, this leap may be a bit mind-boggling. This is not just your company history or your CV, although that may come into it. It’s bigger than a list of facts or linear timeline. It’s more about the “who” and the “why” behind your business, the “what gets you out of bed in the morning”. Think about how those bedtime stories elicited emotion, inspired imagination, evoked understanding, trust, and sympathy. Now we are a bit closer to telling your brand story.

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On newsletter signups: To pop up or not to pop up?

Or: The artful seduction of getting someone to sign up to your newsletter.

Newsletter popups. You know those irritating things that pop up on a website the minute you land, or obstruct your screen while you’re trying to read? The variation is endless and yet the message is essentially the same (“Sign up to our newsletter”) with the intent generally also being the same (“We want your email address to market at you”). Maybe it’s to sell things to you, maybe it’s to get you to read articles to get advertisers to sell to you… you get the drift.

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