Online brand strategy & consulting

Every brand has a story to tell. We believe this story determines how people feel about your brand. Today this can amount to what people are able to find out about you online, as this is often their first encounter with your brand.

Your online reputation is not separate from your brand identity. In fact, your brand identity is increasingly determined by your online presence.

We help you develop and tailor your online brand strategy to ensure it’s in line with your overall brand vision and goals. Your online messaging should be consistent with your customers’ experience when they walk into your physical space or purchase your product. Created through a blend of branding, marketing, quality writing and design, this message must integrate across every platform that represents your brand – from your website to social media pages to the monthly mailer that arrives in your customer’s inbox.

We can guide you on how best to achieve this in an impactful and meaningful way, providing a roadmap for your overall brand positioning and content strategy. We can also assist with implementation and content production, should you not have the means (or time, or inclination) to do this in-house. Our goal is to form close partnerships with innovative brands to develop long-term marketing strategies that evolve alongside the business needs.

Brand strategy affects all aspects of your business and should form part of your blueprint. If yours is not where it should be yet, it’s not too late to start. Send us a message to set up an appointment.

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What’s in a brand story?

Why Story?

Storytelling has been a buzzword in the creative industries, in particular advertising and marketing, for some time now. What started as ancient conversations around a campfire turned into bedtime stories in bunk beds, the novel, the film. Soon advertising caught on. All the best TV ads of our generation told a good story. (Think of that VW ad set to the lyrics, “I remember the days of my life…”)

Now we talk about brand story, and for those not in the industry, this leap may be a bit mind-boggling. This is not just your company history or your CV, although that may come into it. It’s bigger than a list of facts or linear timeline. It’s more about the “who” and the “why” behind your business, the “what gets you out of bed in the morning”. Think about how those bedtime stories elicited emotion, inspired imagination, evoked understanding, trust, and sympathy. Now we are a bit closer to telling your brand story.

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Coffee with Skinny laMinx’s Heather Moore

Sit down with Heather Moore and Laura Turok of Skinny laMinx over coffee and date balls in a buzzing Cape Town café. Heather’s textile brand (named after her Siamese cat!) is a gorgeous Cape Town success story of a small female-owned and run business that’s grown to be massively popular with fans and customers around the world. We absolutely love her patterned tea towels and her new Colour Pop Pillows, which complete her range of Palette + Print scatter cushions.

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From pillar to post

While content definitely exists to please your reader it also needs to serve your brand.

The right content helps to build your brand’s authority, elevating it to a position of trust with your target audience.

Content needs to be interesting, engaging, informative and entertaining. It also happens to be competing with, literally, millions of other pieces of content that are likely to be equally interesting, engaging, informative and entertaining. And then on top of all of this you also need to ensure that your brand’s content isn’t always self-referential.

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