Email Marketing

Growing a well-maintained database of customers and clients is the low-hanging fruit that your brand can easily reap to initiate measurable results.

Done well, email marketing is still an effective way to engage with your audience in their personal space, and one of the best forms of in-bound marketing. Don’t be one of those brands that adds to the burden of email overload.  Use the opportunity to create something memorable – even if it’s simply adding a smile to someone’s day. Word of mouth goes a long way, so better yet if it’s eminently shareable.

Even when you’re not after a hard sell, an email is an effective way to talk to your customers and remain top of mind. It’s also a great way to maintain media relations to keep your brand in the press.

We create newsletters, press releases or electronic invitations – from concept and design through to copy and content creation. We also do database or mailing list management, from your clients and suppliers through to relevant media and influencers. If you’re new to this, we can set you up on our preferred mail client, Mailchimp, and let you handle the rest. Or we can manage your monthly email communication entirely.

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On newsletter signups: To pop up or not to pop up?

Or: The artful seduction of getting someone to sign up to your newsletter.

Newsletter popups. You know those irritating things that pop up on a website the minute you land, or obstruct your screen while you’re trying to read? The variation is endless and yet the message is essentially the same (“Sign up to our newsletter”) with the intent generally also being the same (“We want your email address to market at you”). Maybe it’s to sell things to you, maybe it’s to get you to read articles to get advertisers to sell to you… you get the drift.

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