Great marketing is great storytelling.

We can help you build relationships with your customers through relevant and targeted content and public relations.

Content marketing and PR can constitute anything from a blog to a custom publication to an informative or funny video. It’s anything that positions your brand favourably within its environment and adds value to your customer – whether it be inspiring, informative or just plain interesting. The measure of good content is when you just can’t help but share it!

The key to content marketing is building a culture around an industry or a mindset without constant reference to a brand. Rather than listing the benefits of your product or service, it’s building the world in which your product must live. It’s creating a market where one previously may not have existed by creating a demand for a niche that your brand can fulfil.

Creating relevant and inspiring content positions your band as a thought leader in the field. This earns you credibility and loyalty with your community that goes a long way to both retain and grow your customer base.

Long story short: content makes better marketing.

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One Day Workshop

“High-quality web content that is useful, useable and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online” – Kristina Halvorson

At the heart of great content is an understanding of the importance of strategic differentiation and how to create that differentiation for your brand in a crowded online space.

Our very interactive, highly informative and insightful ONE DAY WORKSHOP, presented by co-founders Delia de Villiers and Sarah Jayne Fell, will equip you with the tools, techniques and tricks needed to elevate your brand’s content offering in a thoughtful, interesting and relevant way.

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