Tips for getting your work featured by a blogger

On Thursday, 14 April 2016, Shopstar hosted prolific blogger Lana Kenney of Lanalou Style at their monthly Echat, held at Truth Coffee at Prestwich Memorial in Cape Town.  

Lana’s been blogging since 2009, having grown her lifestyle blog into one of the biggest of its kind in South Africa. At this intimate event she shared tips with online shop owners for how to get their work noticed and featured by bloggers.

Here are some of the key takeouts she shared:

First things first

Before you approach a blogger do some research into the kinds of things they feature. Also make sure that the tone and style of the blog suits the nature and objectives of your brand. For example, don’t waste your time contacting a blogger about featuring your bespoke range of ceramic vases when the blogger is known for only featuring children’s products.

First impressions count so it’s important to ensure yours is unique and professional. One example Lana pointed to was the importance of an email signature to make your correspondence more official. In that first email aimed at getting the blogger’s attention she suggests introducing yourself, your brand and your product in clear, concise and error-free copy so as to provide a good overview of what it is you do. Be sure to include lo-res images of your products.

On that point, good quality imagery is essential if you want to make it onto a blogger’s radar. Professional photography is an investment into the marketing and branding of your product and something that can also be used on your own online channels.

Ready to launch

A product launch is a great way to get the attention of bloggers, Lana says. Inviting only select media and bloggers will help to create an air of exclusivity around your product and brand. The best bloggers don’t want to feature what every other blogger is featuring so be sure to approach only your select few. Be sure to have sufficient branding (stylishly done, of course) at your event and to have snacks for the guests. Most importantly, ensure that there is a goodie bag for each guest to take home. The goodie bag should include a gift, some printed material with details about the product, a business card and a flashdrive with a variety of images of your product.

Lana also suggests creating a hashtag for your product and/or launch as a way to encourage social sharing.

Presentation is everything

The little touches and details help to set you apart and make your offering more recognisable and more memorable. It’s a great way to connect with people and establish your brand and product in a distinct way.

Having your work featured by a blogger is a way of having your brand story heard. Make sure to find the right people to tell the right stories to. Find your audience, through research and defining your brand positioning, and stick to that audience as a way of developing your niche and building relationships. 

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