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Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a natural, wholesome and balanced diet for dogs and cats. They wanted their new, optimised website to be easy to use, good to look at and a reflection of what they stand for a family run business. Most importantly they needed to improve online sales with a better system and better user experience. We were brought on board by Hells Bells Digital, their online marketing agency, to design and build the website and online shop for Vondi’s in line with their business goals.

The purpose of the website was manifold:

  • For the brand to share their ethos and philosophy around petcare and nutrition
  • To provide clients with relevant information about their (prospective) purchase
  • To offer useful information about their products
  • To demonstrate brand value by sharing information that would convert potential clients
  • To demonstrate legitimacy within the industry by showcasing awards and testimonials
  • To share useful news and information with existing clients
  • To build a database of loyal customers, creating a community of pet lovers around the Vond’s brand
  • To facilitate enquiries and encourage orders
  • To make it easy to purchase pet food online


There are many facets to the Vondi’s brand and the redesigned website had to speak to all these different elements in a cohesive way. We chose to go with a clean, modern layout and simple navigation to achieve this.

Colour and imagery were key in conveying the authentic, family-centred ethos of the brand. The subtle use of bright colours and vibrant-looking (not to mention cute!) pets works effectively to draw users into the site. The playful style of the logo is mirrored at strategic places around the site through the use of appealing pet pictures and a typeface that is easy on the eye.

The Vondi’s website contains a lot of content so the information hierarchy had to be strategically considered with all the possible users in mind – those simply looking for product information and petcare advice and those looking to buy online. A simple navigation bar at the top really works to help with orientation and makes it quick and simple to move around the site.

One of Vondi’s key objectives with the redesigned site was to optimise their ecommerce offering to drive more sales in this way. As with the rest of the site, the online shop is intuitively organised to make browsing easy and instantly offers the user the most relevant information related to a specific product, along with easy-to-use filters and search tools and related products to optimise conversion.

Overall, the site serves as a seamless extension of the Vondi’s brand and its approach to healthy, natural pet food.


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