The Brief

Rodney Band is an artist and artisan who creates beautiful one-off hand-turned wooden bowls. He is happiest working in his workshop on his original creations that are sculptural, high-end design pieces – both luxury objets and artworks at the same time. Our brief was to set up and manage his social media and PR platforms, with the aim of growing his brand and product sales, so he can focus on what he does best.

Our solution

Storytelling is key to a design brand that’s led by the passion and skill of a single artisan, and so we began by finding the narrative around Rodney Band and his work. Telling his story and his process, on the one hand, is a large part of this, as is the story behind each artwork. Each bowl comes from a unique piece of wood and a different tree, each with its own story – from its origin, to the species and its cultural relevance, to the context, and to how it came to be with Rodney. Finally, each bowl comes to life through its own unique 7-day process. Shape, size and form are determined by the type of wood and it’s unique grain, as well as its age, size, number of branches and more.

Telling these stories lies at the crux of our social media content – using photography of his bowls as well as the wood they came from and behind-the-scenes images of Rodney Band at work. Part of our process involves interviewing the client – spending time with him in his environment and coming to understand his creative process and his thinking that makes his work so unique.

A more direct PR approach also includes building a database of relevant design, art and lifestyle media and industry professionals, to whom we send targeted email communication to inform them of Rodney’s new work and to share the stories we’ve crafted around the brand. Targeted social media advertising also takes a similar approach.

We also ensure his website is constantly updated, adding photographs of new work to a gallery of “available pieces“.



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