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Kleinberg Wines offer quality, value for money wines from the Western Cape. They wanted their redesigned website to reflect their laid-back approach to enjoying wine.

The purpose of the website was clear and simple:

  • To showcase the wines they produce
  • To provide clients with relevant information about their (prospective) purchase
  • To offer useful information about their products
  • To demonstrate brand value by sharing information that would help to sway potential clients
  • To facilitate enquiries and encourage wine orders


We opted for an unfussy design to showcase the variety of wine Kleinberg offers and to present the relevant information in a clear and simple way.

Using light, bright images of the winelands and people enjoying wine worked to create an atmosphere of relaxation, fun and enjoyment.

The purple tone of the logo was mirrored in the hues of the images, adding an element of visual consistency to the overall look of the site. The purple was also used as a background colour in the secondary navigation bar.

Navigation is always an important consideration so here we opted for a simple, centred navigation that offers just the four most important orientation points. Navigating to and from anywhere on the site is made really easy by this.

The strategic inclusion of sufficient white space across the site works to create a sense of calm, furthering reinforcing associations to relaxation and enjoyment.


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