• Interactive brand workshop
  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Content dissemination plan


Joostenberg Wines is a family run wine farm in Stellenbosch. They approached One Day because they felt their online offering was “disconnected” and perhaps not as relevant and engaging as it could be. They wanted to ensure that their communication was consolidated and optimised, and truly reflective of their bespoke offering.


Never ones to pass on an opportunity to leave the city for a trip to the winelands, we set off to the Joostenberg farm to meet the brand’s key stakeholders for an interactive workshop. The workshop had two goals; one was for us to get a better, first-hand understanding of the business, the brand and its various nuances, but the sessions was also designed to get the brand stakeholders thinking about the brand in a different – possibly objective – way.

At this particular session we unpacked the brand, picked at its personality, questioned its identity, asked difficult questions and imagined giving it a complete makeover. But we also highlighted its strengths, the beautiful parts that need to be promoted more, and clarified what makes it authentic and how we can leverage this in the online space.

This session gave us the relevant context and insight to develop a brand positioning and content strategy that encapsulates all the various brand elements and aligns them to the business objectives.

From there we developed a content strategy with recommendations on the kind of content that would serve the brand goals in a relevant, engaging and entertaining way. The content strategy considers all the unique parts of the brand and offers advice and guidance on how to produce and disseminate it. Content should never be produced for the sake of it, but align strongly to a brand’s sense of why.


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