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Designer/creator, web developer and problem solver Inky3d wanted to ensure that her website refresh and redesign was complemented with sharp copy that clearly explains her service offering.

The scope of her services had to be well defined to ensure that it would be easily understood by potential clients, thereby further improving the user experience and instantly answering many of the questions clients may have.

It was also important to infuse a sense of personality and flair into the copy that reflects the essence of the Inky3d brand and offering.


Simple sentences and well-structured paragraphs were the starting point for creating user-friendly copy for

Information hierarchy was a key consideration on the services page. Careful not to put the cart before the horse, we tried to present the different services in the order that one would typically think about them when considering a website.

Formatting interventions like bulleted lists also helped to improve legibility by making the page easy to scan, allowing the reader to get a quick overview of the services offered without needing to read every word.

Sub-headings were introduced as a means to group chunks of text, with the heading as the umbrella terms for sub-sections of a particular service.

The About page allowed us to have a bit of fun and to present Inky3d as not only highly capable and proficient when it comes to the professional services she offers but also a dynamic individual who brings a certain X-factor to the work she does.

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