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Generally speaking, content marketing is not something that healthcare practitioners have readily embraced. Yet, done right, it offers a business in that space a unique opportunity to connect with clients and remain top of mind by sharing useful, relevant and interesting content.

Coetzee Dental had an existing Facebook page but were keen to up their offering as an alternative form of after-sales service: offering their patients useful content packaged in an appealing way.

Our Solution

Coetzee Dental’s Facebook page was a platform they could use to position their business as a positive lifestyle brand centred around family and community values and good health and empowering habits, thus setting the business apart from similar services. 

We did this by balancing the more informative “how to floss properly” content with playful “cool song for kids to brush their teeth to” posts and interspersing it with carefully curated content that speaks to the brand pillars. The latter ranges from sharing news about a market in brand’s geographical vicinity  to a list of fun ideas on how to keep children busy during school holidays.

For a brand that offers a purely functional service, like Coetzee Dental, it is important to constantly seek new ways of engaging their audience beyond the scope of their service but still in a way that resonates with the objectives and ethos of the business. And to ensure that the content being shared on Facebook is relevant, interesting and, ultimately, shareable.


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