One Day By Night event for female entrepreneurs in Cape Town

One Day by Night is our monthly dinner event in Cape Town for young women business owners and entrepreneurs. It offers a safe and galvanising space to share our experiences of running a business. More a “book club” than “networking event”, it’s a chance to sit around a table with likeminded women in an intimate setting and talk frankly over a glass of wine about the daily reality of our work lives.

Quitting your job to go solo or found a company is a brave leap to take. It takes a specific personality type and inclination in the right circumstances. We all have different stories about how and why we did it, and the journeys we’ve had since starting out have each been unique in their successes and challenges. It’s often a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding. It can also be stressful and even angst-inducing at other times.

We started “One Day By Night” because as a group we have one important thing in common: we have all been passionate, determined and committed to turning our ideas into a reality and living the dream. As young female business starters we are each a rare breed. We believe we can learn from each other and so we’re bringing together a group of us with the potential for forming a supportive community and maybe even having some fun along the way!

We’re a few events in, and we’ve already formed a diverse and dynamic group of women from a variety of different industries – from PR and marketing to food photography, design and even an online bakery!

If you’re not part of the group and you would like to join, drop Delia and Sarah an email at

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