(More) Easy ideas for content marketing

Understanding the importance of content marketing for your brand or business is one thing, but coming up with actual content ideas and topics is another. We shared 5 ideas to get you started and now, in the spirit of good content marketing practices, we share 5 more!

1.Make a list

Be it “5 things you didn’t know your new iPhone can do”, “8 ways to tell whether your product will sell” or “10 ways to be a better content marketer”, people love lists.

Lists as articles have become so popular online that they even have their own name – listicles! In fact, a recent study showed that list posts – along with videos – achieve much higher shares than other formats.

So embrace their popularity by coming up with a couple of your own. Pick a topic related to your product or some aspect of your brand, choose a number, and turn it into something useful, entertaining or insightful.

 2. Get a brand mascot

A mascot is a wonderful, and fairly easy, way to infuse some energy and excitement into your content.

Make the mascot the star of the show. Pets make for great mascots, if the nature of your business allows for it. Cat video, anyone?

Have fun with it: Post a picture with the question “what is Goldie the office goldfish thinking today?” Or how about an album with Garfield the studio cat enjoying lying on the fabric off-cuts in the back, or a list of Rufus the ridgeback’s favourite trail runs in and around Cape Town?

Obviously pet mascots are not suited to every kind of business (if you’re a bakery, I might not want to see pictures of a cat in your kitchen) but then perhaps you have an inanimate mascot rather. The key is to build a personality and a presence around the mascot so that it eventually becomes closely associated with your key offering.

3. Share behind the scenes pictures

The beautifully styled finished product is not the only thing people are interested in. The authenticity that a spontaneous snap brings to the social space is extremely important for brand building. Increasingly people are as interested in what happens behind the shiny facade as the facade itself.

It’s about revealing the process, offering insight into it and ultimately showing that it is as significant as the final product.

Behind-the-scenes content is also a great way to build excitement about a new product, introduce the team, honour the materials, and position both the product and the brand as holistic entities that people can and want to connect with.

4. Do good

Doing good, whether it is by offering your time, skills or resources, is a great way to raise your profile.

Look for ways to help that will serve the vision of your brand. If you sell beautiful art, why not offer a free art class to children in disadvantaged communities every quarter? You bake and sell beautiful cakes? How about organising a tea party with cake at the local old age home? There are plenty of ways to do good – from painting a classroom to planting a veggie garden to training an intern – that ultimately help to create a more favourable macro environment in which your brand can live and thrive. Share your doing-good journey on your social channels, as it is a way to position your brand in a positive light but also to raise awareness about whatever cause you care about.

Just make sure you’re not simply doing it for the photo opportunity and the social share. Your audience will know the difference. Do it because you want to and because you care.

5. Embrace the spirit of Ubuntu

No business is an island and therefore no business should act like an island online. Share, praise and promote the work of others in your industry. Retweet, like and share a cool piece of content your competitor posted and also feel free to add your own comment to make known your affiliation with their work.

This article was originally written for Shopstar.

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