3 Fabulous fashion blogs

The measure of excellent content is, arguably, its appeal to the reader who isn’t necessarily interested in the topic but becomes engrossed because it is well conceptualised, well  researched, flawlessly written and beautifully presented.

Lately I’ve been particularly inspired by fashion brands that are doing a great job of content. Here’s a look at current favourites.

Zady  |  A Lifestyle Destination for Conscious Consumers 

Zady carries a curated collection of clothing, accessories and home items for men and women with a focus on ethical consumerism. Ethical consumerism is a sexy topic at the moment and with their blog content Zady adds more than a little substance to their offering. Their blog, rather aptly named “Chronicle”, presents content that serves their brand ethos and objectives in an informative, educational and entertaining way.

Chronicle offers readers a dynamic and inspiring mix of content focussed on making better, more environmentally sound, choices around fashion and interior purchases. From looking at how organic farmers harvest sustainable fashion to a guide to enjoying flowers more thoughtfully, understanding cotton and the importance of linen, Zady’s content explores the many facets of fashion.

Zady.com blog

Furthermore, the content strikes a balance between reads-on-the-run and more in-depth features around topics like the cheap cost of fast fashion.

Ultimately all the content relates to how to live more consciously and more responsibly, without sacrificing beauty, comfort or aesthetics. The content is engaging and inspiring, but also useful in that it offers deep insight into more sustainable ways of spending our time on this planet.

They do reinforce the ethos and objectives of their brand but they do it through storytelling, the classic “show, don’t tell method”. Zady tells me that fashion is about more than clothes and trends. It’s about style, a lifestyle, and the choices associated with that.


The fashion brand’s A Blog is a smorgasbord of inspiring content about style, decor, travel, music and DIY. Beautiful imagery works to bring the content to life in a way that perfectly complements that brand’s visual style and overall identity.

Anthropologie blog

With lifestyle content that is both inspirational and aspirational, it serves to enhance and cement the brand’s “one-of-a-kind and compelling shopping experience that makes women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected”. It does this through extending the shopping experience to something more – to a lifestyle choice. The content creates a world for the brand, a world of wonder, beauty and inspiration, and invites the reader into that whimsical, beautiful world.

J. Crew 

With content ranging from how to’s to studio tours, packing tips and a-day-in-the-life-of type features, J. Crew’s content offers readers insight into the fabric of what makes the brand so loved and popular.

J.Crew blog

It’s beautiful and interesting and inspiring, and underpinned by a strong brand ethos that prioritises quality above all else. This brand does an excellent job of creating and curating its own universe through content creation. Content elevates the brand from one that simply sells fashionable clothing to one that sells a specific kind of – very desirable – lifestyle.

We were especially thrilled to see J. Crew’s feature on Cape Town, as part of their June Style Guide shoot.


J. Crew in Cape Town

What all these blogs have in common is that they don’t just focus on fashion but on topics related to fashion, thereby creating a universe in which the brand can thrive. It works to make the brand’s offering multi-dimensional, positioning the choice to associate with these brands as a lifestyle decision that resonates on multiple levels.

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