Easy ideas for content marketing

“Content marketing is great but I don’t know what my content should be about.”

This a common concern we hear from brand and business owners.

The short answer is that almost anything can be turned into content, so here are some prompts. 

1. Share your smarts
The fact that you’re thinking about content ideas probably means you know something about something – that you have a level of insight, knowledge or expertise on a subject. There is a good chance that this would be useful and interesting to others too.

Here you can think broadly as it could relate to your product, your business or your industry. It could be as simple as “I wish I knew this one thing when I started my business” or “10 of the best material suppliers in the Western Cape” or “how to hit the sweet spot when pricing your products for online selling”.

Maybe you take it a step further by offering online tutorials or downloadable resources.

2. Demonstrate your product
Nobody knows your product as well as you do, or cares about it as much as you do. Before anybody is going to want to buy your product they need to understand what you do about its coolness and utility.

Your range of scarves are beautiful so how about giving people ideas for how to wear them. The cushions you make are right on trend – how about beautifully styled images that show how they look in-situ. Or what about recipe ideas to complement that delicious relish you make and sell?

Anything that you can do to show, as opposed to simply telling, people why your offering is wonderful is almost guaranteed to get you good feedback.

3. Make a day of it
The big guys have been capitalising on special days for decades – just think about the commercial hype around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Halloween – and so should you. But there are also countless others you may not know, like Chocolate Cake Day (27 January), Origami Day (11 November) and Men’s Grooming Day (21 August), to name just a few of the many special days.

Do you sell bespoke stationery? Embrace Chocolate Cake Day by sharing your favourite chocolate cake recipe on one of your gorgeous notecards.

Select a few that relate to your offering in some way and have fun with it. The connection doesn’t always have to be an obvious one, as long as you have fun with it.

4. Have an opinion
In the online space brands need to decide who and what they want to be, and live by it. Content marketing is the ideal platform for sharing your opinion. In fact, standing for something is a great brand differentiator and a noble way of gaining the respect and trust of your followers. And we’re not necessarily talking hardcore, world peace-style opinions.

Feel strongly about buying local? Focus your opinions and content around that. Believe car-free cities are possible? Share content that supports it. Think that everybody should own original art? Tell us why and subtly point us in the direction of your business that can make it happen.

5. Be a curator
Chances are you spend a lot of time looking around for ideas, inspiration, leads and connections. Whether you’re trawling the internet, markets or factories, you probably come across some pretty interesting things on a daily basis.

Why not collate these findings around a theme and share them with your community. It could be a list (see point 1) of trends you’ve noticed or an album of unique flea market finds for your next styled shoot or simply an inspirational quote.

The important thing is to insert your brand voice by offering a comment or an alternative angle. Ultimately, your curated content needs to serve your brand by positioning it in a way that reinforces your company ethos and objectives. It’s all about sharing your stories with the people that care.


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