When you’re obsessed with content, like we are here at One Day Company, and when you spend a great deal of the day looking at the content of various brands on different channels, as we do, you find all kinds of gems. Whenever I see something clever, amusing or stupid that is related to content, branding, storytelling, content marketing and the like, I take a screenshot and save it to a folder.

But unless you have access to our server, which I hope nobody does (!),  you’ll never get to see it. So here, for your reading and viewing pleasure, is a random collection of interesting finds from around the internet. Enjoy!


“Less haystack. More needle.” Excellent play with an old idiom by Hootsuite. Because that is exactly what the process of finding quality leads can feel like.


The question I was attempting to ask the all-knowing Google is “why have a CONTENT CALENDAR?”. But who even bothers with that when there are clearly way more pertinent questions to be asked? Sex and religion. It’s a thing.

Google autocomplete fail


WOAH! I just love how that cyclist bumps his (or her) head against the computer screen, because who hasn’t felt like banging their head against the screen… Every.Time.It.Breaks?? This is especially clever because it was the entry site for a cycling race.


There was a time that we believed certain things, like cigarettes and sugary drinks were good for us. Today we know cigarettes are bad and that Coke is nothing but sugar and that sugar is the new crack cocaine. Health24, “South Africa’s leading consumer health website”, clearly doesn’t agree. Nice butt, though.


A great email subject line by Coronation Fund Managers the day after Donald Trump was elected president of the US. “Investing when populism trumps policy.” Brilliant! Could only be the genius of a seasoned copywriter. For this reason Coronation gets my money every month.


“Bored of Beauty,  Attracted to Weirdness.” Who doesn’t want to open this email to find out more? With a subject line that’s almost poetic, Hunger Magazine has my attention.


Nothing is as fresh as Colgate Fresh. Can you taste the freshness of this gooey blue Colgate toothpaste?


Cool restaurant, good food, great vibe … and a dumb question for your brand to be asking the Twittersphere. Phone a friend, El Burro. Google is your friend too.


Because gender stereotyping sucks. Because gender stereotyping presented as humour(!) sucks more. And because those are really ugly cushions. The link goes to Property24’s Home Decor Pinterest board.


It’s a pleasure!

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