5 things to know about content marketing

Content marketing is a cost-effective and authentic way to bring your audience closer to your brand. Here are five reasons your brand should be investing in content marketing.

    1. It creates value for your audience.
      Done right, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to add value for your audience, be it in the form of education, information, inspiration or entertainment. Rather than adding to the clutter and noise, content marketing helps to position your brand as thoughtful, relevant and in touch with the interests and needs of its community.

      Content marketing achieves this by creating and sharing stories that matter to the brand’s community while still speaking to the objectives and ethos of the brand in a subtle way.

    2. Content (marketing) is great for SEO. 
      Content is the long and short answer to all your SEO stresses. Shortly, Google “rewards” you for producing quality content. The more people engage with and share your content the more generously Google awards you, which ultimately means a better page ranking. Having more pages on your site is also beneficial because it’s more urls for Google to index, more relevant keywords and tags, and your site is updated more frequently and recently, again showing relevance.


    1. It gives people something to share.
      Sharing is caring. Sharing is also the online equivalent of one of the most successful marketing strategies known to humankind: word of mouth.When you give people something worth sharing with their friends and followers, they invariably become ambassadors for your brand, product or service. These are the people that ultimately become your community and, by extension, your most loyal customers.


    1. Social algorithms love content.
      Similar to the point about SEO and content above, social algorithms favour content and ads that engage users with relevant content.Quite simply, when your content has been liked and shared, other people are more likely to share it. The more people that engagement with a piece of content the better this content gets weighted and thus the more it gets seen by even more people. This is, in short, how viral content happens.And it all begins with content that your audience finds valuable and is thus worthy of sharing.


  1. It’s about having fun.
    Lastly – and most importantly – content marketing offers you a legitimate opportunity to have lots of fun with your brand and product and to share that experience with your customers.

    Content marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do interesting, creative and playful things with your brand and use it to grow your audience and bring them closer to your brand.

    Forget about trying to entice customers with a grocery list of product benefits, show them why they need the product in their lives. But be sure to be honest and authentic, and to not hide the passion and personality.

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