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What We Do

One Day Company is a content and design studio with a difference.

Traditional advertising is no longer enough. People don’t want to be talked at. They want to be talked to. About things they care about. About things their friends, their colleagues and their families care about.

We specialise in online marketing with a human-centred approach. Marrying content strategy with effective communication design we help brands tell stories that clients and customers are interested in and want to share with the people in their lives.

What’s your story?

Why one day?

All big dreams start with One day…

One day speaks of storytelling. Of aspiration. It’s as much about our dream to build a company and a brand that does work we can be proud of as it is about our clients’ journey towards success.

With the right passion and determination and the people invested in your story, one day might come sooner than you think.

Let us show you how.


Who We are

Our team are specialists in brand communication, strategy and content production for the web. We understand your online presence needs to be a seamless and consistent expression of your brand and its physical manifestation. Bringing 15 years’ collective experience in media and publishing and online marketing, with a focus on the creative sectors and powerful brands, we know that content means better marketing.

Sarah Jayne Fell

A love for creative content, great writing and useful tech has moulded Sarah Jayne Fell’s career into an exploration of how digital media can drive communication and creative expression between individuals, brands and publishers.


Delia de Villiers

An insatiable curiosity, a love of learning and the desire to do interesting work that matters is what gets Delia up in the morning. That, coffee, and the fact that digital is the ideal platform for bringing all these interests together.


our clients

We work in partnership with brands from the creative and design sectors and SMEs striving to stand out in their industries.

Royale Afrique du Sud

brand strategy, content marketing, copywriting, entrepreneur, public relations, skincare, social media

Rodney Band

artist, Cape Town, copywriting, designer, public relations, social media, South African brands

Design Joburg

advertising, design, Design Joburg, event marketing, interior design, online marketing, social media, tradeshow

Swan Café

Cape Town, copywriting, public relations, restaurant, social media, South African brands

Haldane Martin

content marketing, design, email marketing, MailChimp, newsletter, public relations, SEO, social media, web design, Wordpress

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